Introducing Entity Argan Oil

Why Argon Oil?

Now, ENTITY® offers the miracle of Argan in a quartet of products made to quench even the thirstiest hands and feet for instantly radiant skin!

ENTITY® Rejuvenating ARGAN OIL provides the most effective Argan Oil possible by maintaining its off-the-tree efficacy throughout the manufacturing process. We use only unrefined oil maintaining the integrity of the Argan seed. The oil is cold pressed which prevents any of the lipids and antioxidants from breaking down under heat providing skin with the maximum benefits. It is then triple filtered for the purest and safest final product that is 100% Argan.


Entity Argan Oil

ENTITY® Rejuvenating ARGAN OIL

ENTITY® Rejuvenating ARGAN OIL Revitalizing Cuticle Drops, Restorative Massage Butter, Daily Replenishing Lotion, and Renewal Gel Scrub are rich in Argan’s combination of four ultra-hydrating essential fatty acids, age-defying antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Non-greasy and deep penetrating, each product is designed to restore dry, sensitive skin while uplifting the senses with a refreshing Moroccan citrus aroma.
ENTITY® Argan Oil is gluten-free and non-GMO making it perfect for even the most sensitive and socially conscious consumer.

Entity Argan Oil Products

Revitalizing Cuticle Drops

ENTITY® ARGAN OIL Revitalizing Cuticle Drops promote stronger healthier nails while pampering cuticles with a potent blend of superior Argan and botanically derived Grapeseed Oil and Avocado Oil. Use daily for a just-manicured and pedicured look.

Available in: 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz.

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ENTITY Argan Oil - Revitalizing Cuticle Drops

Renewal Gel Scrub

ENTITY® ARGAN OIL Renewal Gel Scrub resurfaces, revitalizes and restores with an elegant blend of the finest non-stinging, natural cane sugar immersed in whipped Argan Oil and humectants. Unlike other oil and silica based scrubs that require heat, our Argan Scrub uses a unique cold manufacturing process and a soothing gel base to maintain the integrity of the Argan Oil and avoid the mess of traditional scrubs. This gel sugar scrub uses the most natural and skin-loving sugar cane with plant-derived glycerin ingredients.

Available in: 226 g – 8 Oz. Net. wt.

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ENTITY Argan Oil - Renewal Gel Scrub

Daily Replenishing Lotion

ENTITY® ARGAN OIL Daily Replenishing Lotion provides our superior Argan Oil in its pure and concentrated form creating a formula that infuses skin with its antioxidants and ultra-hydrating benefits for moisturized skin with a dewy glow!

Available in: 240 mL – 8 Fl. Oz.

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ENTITY Argan Oil - Daily Replenishing Lotion

Restorative Massage Butter

ENTITY® ARGAN OIL Restorative Massage Butter deeply hydrates and rejuvenates with our blend of three superior skin-nourishing ingredients. The Massage Butter includes our whipped Argan Oil, Shea and Cocoa butters to create a rich elixir that provides smoother, suppler skin and helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture longer. Perfect for a luxurious massage or anytime skin needs intense hydration.

Available in: 226 g – 8 Oz. Net wt.

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ENTITY Argan Oil - Restorative Massage Butter

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